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🎉 Campaign Update: With over 1,000 pledges and donations, we've received over $300,000 that has been distributed to families! 🙏🙏🙏

How does work?

Pledge some or all of your stimulus check to help immigrant families and then follow through once you receive it.

And be sure to spread the word!

Pledging is incredibly easy. Also, your donation will be distributed by schools, based on need, as teachers are talking with students' parents to see how they are doing during the crisis.

Here's how it works:

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Pledge some or all of your stimulus check

If you can afford it, share some or all of your stimulus check windfall with those who will not receive any federal assistance, either in the form of a check or unemployment benefits.

In just two minutes, you can make your pledge to help a family that a local school identifies as struggling to make ends meet.

Additionally, your pledge and eventual donation will:

→ Provide you with a tax-deduction, to help you pay less in taxes

→ Keep you up to speed on all that is being done to support families in your community

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Spread the word about the Stimulus Pledge

Share with friends and family how you're helping immigrant families who won't be benefitting from the roughly $600,000,000,000 that will be distributed as stimulus checks.

Join us on social media to get progress updates and news about pledge progress you can also:

→ Encourage your school district, local non-profits and businesses to get involved

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Schools will continue to gather data on families most in need

Schools that serve a vulnerable immigrant population are talking with families to find out what their needs are and how dire their situation is.

Each participating school will have the autonomy to decide how they want to distribute the donations they receive, prioritizing those who do not have access to government services (e.g. unemployment insurance or government programs). Schools will create a process for delivering your donation to families in need. At the top of the list are those in danger of:

→ Losing housing

→ Going hungry

→ Missing essential medications

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Follow through on your pledge once checks are sent

We will try our best to keep you updated on what's happening with the Stimulus Pledge. As a reminder:

→ Your donation is 100% tax-deductible, so you will pay less in taxes.

→ The stimulus bill (CARES Act) rewards your generosity with additional tax benefits.

The Stimulus Pledge's all-volunteer campaign has partnered with the Oakland Public Education Fund (OEF), which provides the back office support and donation accounting that is necessary for the high degree of financial oversight needed when dealing with donations.

Because OEF already knows and supports Oakland schools, we anticipate fewer bureaucratic issues when distributing funds to families.


Make your pledge today.

If you anticipate getting a check and can afford it, please pledge some or all of your comping stimulus check to prevent homelessness, hunger and illness for immigrant families.